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1938 :

Beginning of the business.
A wool trading Company was set up by Mr René Defour.

1956 :
Mr Etienne Blandiaux joined the Company. At that time, Verviers was still an international textile centre.

1974 :
Mr Etienne Blandiaux became a partner and shareholder. "Cocharmi S.A.", a Company with friendly connections, was acquired. The Company became "Cocharmi Defour Blandiaux & Co S.A".

1996 :
"DBC S.A." was created, under its present form.

2008 :
To meet our development needs, the company has expanded with the creation of DBCwool.

In the not too distant past, not so far away as some still remember, Verviers was an international textile centre. It was in the wool scouring industry, particularly, that the area gained its worldwide reputation.


At the dawn of the wool industry, the water of the river Vesdre was used to scour the wool. But, in the early 1800s, the river flow was not sufficient anymore to face the growing needs. So the Verviers authorities decided to build the Gileppe dam, to supply a very soft water to the local industry. This water contained no calcareous trace. So the soaps used at that time were very effective The scoured wool had a very low residual grease content and was therefore able to be used in fabrics with very nice appreciated colours. In 1866 a new machine was invented, to clean and scour the wool : the Leviathan. This machine further increased again the reputation of Verviers, as the world leader in this field.


These old pictures have been kindly lent to us by the local Museums of Verviers.

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